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A New Challenge


I have loved books for as long as I can remember. When we were younger, my sister used to get so angry with me because I wouldn’t put down my book and play or spend time with her. My parents would get annoyed with me for not coming to eat dinner right away or for staying up late because I was so addicted to some new story that had completely captured my imagination. “One more chapter” and “I’m going to stop soon” are two ridiculous things I often say, both to myself and to others. I can’t help it. I can get so absorbed in a book, I actually don’t realize how disconnected I am from the real world that is carrying on all around me.

Book stores have always been some of my favorite places in the world. Everything about them makes me want to stay there for hours: the smell that rushes to greet you as you OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwalk through the door, the seemingly endless aisles of shelves full of new worlds and people to meet, the quiet excitement in the air. If I’m feeling down for whatever reason, there are two places to which I’ve always been able to escape that always make me feel better. The first, perhaps obviously, is a book store and the second is the woods, although neither have seen quite as much of me in recent years.

As an adult, my reading has definitely become less consistent. I seem to go through waves of reading a lot and then almost stopping all together. At the moment, although I am currently in the middle of a book, I am definitely in a lull. However, I’m planning on changing this pattern I’ve fallen into very soon.

I’ve realized that I’m someone who needs to be motivated in some way. When I exercise, for example, I find it helpful to have a calendar or schedule to follow if I want to get myself to stick with it (Discovery). I really like to be able to check things off when I have completed them. This brings me to the Classics Club Challenge I stumbled upon a few days ago.


The challenge caught my interest because I am always saying I need to read more classics and rarely ever do. The majority of the classics I have read were for school at one point or another, and a lot of those I would like to go back and read again as an adult. I’m sure I will continue to read other books, as well, but I think this will both get me reading more consistently again and help me achieve my goal to broaden my experience with classic literature.

Part of the challenge is to write about each book once you’ve finished it. I hadn’t originally intended on reviewing books as part of this blog, but I think it might be an interesting development. I did begin this blog because I wanted to start writing again, hopefully improving with time and reaching another level. What better way to do that is there than to read a lot of great books and then write about them? You can see the books I have chosen to read for the challenge here. As I finish the books and write about them, I will link those reviews to the list on that page. We’ll see how I do! 😊


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